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Janmashtami Sweets: The Perfect Addition to Your Celebrations

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 6:09:08 PM Asia/Calcutta

Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna and is a very popular festival in our country. Just like every other occasion, even Janmashtami is incomplete without tasty Janmashtami sweets to savour.

Delicious desserts are the highlight of every occasion, and we understand that. These Janmashtami sweets are also served as Janmashtami bhog, which is a traditional serving to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami.

The Tradition of Janmashtami

As per tradition, Indians celebrate Janmashtami by fasting, singing devotional songs and keeping a night vigil. At midnight, we bathe and clothe the statues of baby Krishna, and lovingly place them in a cradle. After this ceremony, people break their fast and serve Janmashtami Bhog to Lord Krishna.

Not just India, countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Fiji and Pakistan also celebrate Janmashtami with great enthusiasm.

In keeping with tradition we’ve created a few tasty Janmashtami sweets that you and your family can enjoy

Dry Fruit Panjeeri

Filled with crunchy roasted nuts and desi ghee, Dry Fruit Panjeeri is another delicacy from the land of Punjab, which you and your family can enjoy on Janmashtami.


Balushahiis a famous North Indian deep-fried, sugary ball of goodness to enjoy with your family this Janmashtami.

Kheer Kadam

This soft and creamy khoyadumpling is the perfect sweet to mark your Janmashtami celebrations. Your family will surely love it too.

Moong Dal Burfi

The popular and flavourful Moong Dal Burfi is the perfect addition to you and your family’s Janmashtami celebrations


Patishais a soft, flavoured and flaky mithai, that melts in your mouth instantly. So, relish it with your family to mark the occasion of Janmashtami.


This traditional Punjabi delicacy is a treat for your tastebuds. Both kids and adults will fully enjoy Janmashtami with this tasty sweet.

Kaju Katli

An all-time favourite, this delightful mithai made with kajuor cashew will surely be a hit with you and your family this Janmashtami.

Kaju Chocolate Burfi

This exquisite sweet is a favourite among people of all ages. Do bring home this yummy delicacy and celebrate Janamashtami the right way.

Khajur Burfi (Sugarless)

This sugarless burfi is the ideal way for people who avoid sugar to relish this tasty sweet. So, do try this guilt-free indulgence with your friends and family this Janamashtami and experience something new


This delectable concoction of flour, sugar and khoya will make your Janmashtami celebration 10 times sweeter. So, share this with your entire friends and family and give them the gift of rich flavours.

Khoya Chocolate Burfi

The lovely combination of khoya and chocolate comes together to make one amazing sweet. Serve this hugely popular sweet to your friends and family on Janmashtami and make the celebrations even more delightful.

Janmashtami With Anandam

You can purchase these yummy Janmashtami sweets and many more at any of our 4 outlets in Dehradun.

You even have the option to order these sweets online at anandams.com from any part of the country and make your Janmashtami celebrations even bigger.

All our sweets are made fresh with the purest of ingredients. So, go ahead and treat your family to some tasty delicacies.

The festival of Janmashtami holds a very special place for a lot of people. People look forward to this day each year to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. They celebrate this day with a lot of enthusiasm, especially in Mathura and Vrindavan.

Janmashtami sweets add more sweetness to this auspicious occasion and give people another reason to look forward to this day. The spirit of sharing joy and happiness is at the heart of every festival and that is what we aspire to achieve.

So this Janmashtami, rest assured, as your celebrations will be all the more special with our fantastic range of sweets.

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