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Exploring Dehradun’s Famous Food

Friday, July 19, 2019 12:18:24 PM Asia/Calcutta

Exploring Dehradun’s Famous Food

The serene beauty, the chilly weather and the lovely people make Dehradun an ideal destination for tourists looking to enjoy their vacations with friends and family, especially during the summer season. One much reason why this town is immensely popular is Dehradun’s famous food.

From Tibetan to North Indian, the diversity of Dehradun’s famous food is what a food lover’s dreams are made of.

The famous Rajpur Road, Astley Hall, Dharampur, Chakrata road & Mussorie road are some of the landmark areas of the town and its outskirts that have joints serving the best food in Dehradun.

Spicy and tangy chaats, mouth-watering Indian sweets, yummy namkeens and other savouries are some of the delicacies that have been delighting the Dehradun locals and tourists alike.

Having a universal appeal, these have a fanbase not just among Indians but international tourists as well. Everyone likes to revel in the taste of such dishes and soak in the richness of Indian cuisine.

The Anandam Journey

One such place that has become synonymous with the best food in Dehradun is Anandam.

Starting out as a simple gajak and rewari seller, Anandam has grown and expanded over the course of time. We have now become an integral part of the city’s landscape.

A deep desire to live up to the diverse food culture of the country has seen us serving the people of Dehradun with mouth-watering sweets since we began our journey under the name ‘Prahlad Rewari Wale’ more than 100 years ago.

We have gradually added many more sweets, assorted into four separate categories.

Our entire range of traditional, classic, signature, festival and sugarless sweets celebrate not just Uttrakhand but entire India.

Whether its Balushahai from Bihar, Kheer Kadam from Bengal or Doda from Jammu and Kashmir, our customers can experience delicacies from different parts of the country on a plate.

One such sweet is Bal Mithai, a brown chocolate-like fudge made with roasted khoya and coated with white sugar balls. Originating from the hills of Almora in Uttrakhand, Bal Mithai has been a part of Kumaoni folklore for many years. It is also very popular among the people of Almora and other neighbouring states.

Along with sweets, we also have a wide array of namkeens and tea-time snacks or ‘niknaks,’ as we call them.

Another reason why Anandam has been a part of the legacy of Dehradun for more than 100 years is the quality of our food. We have always made it a point to use the most natural and the purest ingredients in our food to make it taste authentic.

Taking our Food Journey Forward

In our endeavour to enrich people's food experience, we opened our first restaurant on Rajpur Road a decade ago.

Our aim was to serve a large variety of good quality fresh food to the locals and tourists.

Over time we have opened two more outlets in Dehradun on Chakrata Road and Rajpur Road.

We understood that one thing people want, irrespective of where they are, is a good place to dine. A pleasant and happy place, with a lot of choices. This understanding and acting upon it, has made us one of Dehradun’s famous food places.

Today you can enjoy the best North Indian, South Indian and Chinese food at any of our three restaurants. We also serve various types of chaats, snacks and desserts for you to savour at a family outing.

Our New Restaurant

In keeping with our tradition of delighting the people of Dehradun and travellers from all around the world, we’re coming up with our 4th outlet on Dehradun-Mussorie road very soon.

Our entire range of sweets, namkeens and teatime ‘niknaks’ will be available for you to relish with your loved ones.

Our new restaurant will be serving all the delicious food items available at our other three restaurants.

So next time you’re on your way to Mussoorie, be sure to stop by at the new Anandam and dig into some of Dehradun’s famous food.

Dehradun, as a city, appeals to all kinds of people. Explorers, nature enthusiasts, adventure lovers, this city has something for everyone. Not just this, the rich variety of food adds to the appeal of this serene town, which is why so many people love Dehradun and love to spend some quality time in this picturesque town.

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