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Make this Navratri Special, Order Sweets Online

Monday, April 15, 2019 5:32:23 PM Asia/Calcutta

Navratri is here, and so are nine days of festivities. In India, no festival is complete without sweets. This time around you can make your Navratri special.

People like to eat only pure food and sweets during Navratri. They choose to avoid certain foods and ingredients during the nine-day period. At Anandam we keep that in mind while making our special menu for Navratri. So Order sweets online from Anandam and enjoy the festival.

Sweets are an essential part of Navratri celebrations that comes twice a year and are welcomed with great fanfare both the times. However, many may not know the difference between the two Navratris.

Chaitra or Vasant Navratri that falls in March-April is for worshipping Shakti or the Goddess of power. It is also the start of the Hindi Lunar calendar. It is celebrated across India with various names like Gudi Padwa, Navreh and Ugadi.

Sharad Navratri That falls in September-October is for worshipping nine avatars of goddess Durga. The tenth day is celebrated as Vijaya Dashami, for Slaying of the demon king Ravana by Lord Rama.

Why Navratri special sweets?

People fast during both the nine-day periods of Navratri celebration. Some people want to remain pure as they pray to the goddess on all nine days. Others believe fasting fulfills their wishes. Yet others fast simply for purification of their body, mind and soul. Hence it’s very important for them that all the food and sweets that they consume during Navratri are made especially for the occasion. Great care is taken to prepare pure food during the period with special ingredients.

At Anandam, we especially make these traditional Navratri sweets for our customers. Here are some of them that you can order online across the country.

These are special Navratri sweets that you must try in this festive period. Not only they are delicious but are full of nutrition for those who fast during the nine days of Navratri.

  • Coconut Barfi – Coconut offerings are considered very auspicious in India. Coconut is broken after the pooja whenever we start anything new. it is offered to Lord Ganesha and then distributed as Prasad.
    Coconut is also used in many special dishes cooked on auspicious occasions. Coconut is beneficial for health too. Our Coconut Barfi especially prepared for Navratri will complete your celebrations.
  • Makhana Panjeeri – Makhana Dry Fruit Panjeeri is another Navratri special sweet. It’s eaten during the fasting seasons for its health benefits as well as purity. Makhana Panjeeri has a lot of other dry fruits and whole wheat flour and is rich in protein, fibre and carbohydrates.
    Makhana Panjeeri is very light and yet one of the most delicious sweets.
  • Gond Panjeeri – Gond is edible gum that is extracted from gum plants. It is highly nutritious. Due to its nutrition value, desserts made of gond are fed to pregnant and lactating women.
    Naturally, sweets made of such a nutritious ingredient can supplement the requirements of a fasting person. No wonder, Gond Panjeeri is one of the most popular sweets during Navratri.
  • Gola Panjeeri – Gola Panjeeri is also made of coconut whose health benefits and value on auspicious occasions has already been discussed above. Gola Panjeeri mixes goodness of coconut with the nutrition of whole wheat and dry fruits.
    Like most recipes made with coconut, Gola Panjeeri is mouth-watering tasty too. It is very popular as Prasad among the devouts who just love it.
  • Malai Laddu – The additional nutritious ingredient in Malai Laddu is milk. We all know the health benefits of milk, and when combined with paneer and dry fruits, they become a wholesome source of key nutrients.
    Our Malai Laddus simply melt in the mouth, and you are left asking for more. At Anandam, they are one of the most popular sweets during the Navratri festivities.
  • Louki Lodge – Louki (bottle gourd) is one of the vegetables considered pure and is used to make satvik food during fasts and holy periods. Extremely delectable sweets can be made of it, and Louki Lodge is one of them.
    With mawa/khoya as the additional ingredient, lauki ki lodge turns out to be a soft, sweet and delicious dessert. Those who like to experiment with their sweets especially love it.
  • Magaj Panjeeri – This one adds the little twist of dried and coarsely powdered watermelon or muskmelon seeds to the wholesome panjeeri. Dry fruits make it even more healthy and tasty.
    Like other panjeeris, Magaj Panjeeri is also made with desi ghee and is a filling and deliciously sweet.

So this is the menu of our Navratri special sweets. Order them online at 94110 02214 and enjoy the festivities. Share with us in the comments section, any legends or stories that you know about Navratri and the various reasons behind its celebration.

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