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Dehradun’s Mother's Day Special | Surprise and Pamper Your Mom | Show that you Care

Saturday, May 11, 2019 11:46:00 AM Asia/Calcutta

Every child wants to make Mother's Day special for his or her mom and make the celebrations loving and unique. 

Kids start the day by presenting a well laid out breakfast for their mom. The day proceeds with gifts and culminates with a well-planned outing for her. 

Here, we give you some new and different Mother's Day ideas that will not only make her happy but also brighten up the mood of the entire family.

Things you can do to make Mother's Day special

A day of rest & relaxation

The most important thing to remember on Mother's Day is that it's her day. So, absolutely no household chores for her. 

Let your mom enjoy a good night's sleep and have a leisurely morning. Keep her favourite breakfast ready. Serve it to her in bed – after the snuggles and the hugs.

Ensure she spends the day like the queen she is. Food is either called for or cooked by you. Cleaning, laundry, taking care of the garden – none of it is her responsibility today. 

Visit a craft mela or local haat

Before the elaborate evening plans, you can take your mom to a craft mela, local haat or flea market where she can shop for some ethnic clothes and junk jewellery, maybe even an antique piece of art. 

Watch her favourite star's movie

You would definitely be aware of your mom's favourite movie star, the one she has always rooted for. Nowadays, she just manages to catch glimpses of his/her movies, occasionally on TV. 

Well, if there is the latest release of her screen idol playing, book two tickets immediately. You would love to see her laughing, crying, clapping – maybe even whistling – won't you? 

A relaxing spa session

Your mom has had hurried eyebrow and hair-cut sessions throughout the year. Let her spend half a day relaxing, getting a manicure, pedicure, massage, sauna – the works. 

This is surely among the foolproof Mother’s Day ideas. 

Order sweets online

Order her favourite sweets, namkeens and tea-time niknak online from Anandam that she and the entire family can enjoy throughout the day. 

Explore the outdoors

If you are in Dehradun, there are plenty of places nearby to go for a picnic, hiking or trek. You can drive to Mussoorie and back, with the entire family. 

She may want to try some of the adventure sports she always wanted to. You can take her camping and trekking too.

A local event, a short marathon or a culture fest in and around your town is the perfect way to spend a day outdoors with your mom.

Taking your mom out on Mother's Day is one of the most important things. Between work and household responsibilities, many women rarely get to step out. Even if they do, the day is spent shopping for home and kids. 

Mother’s Day Special Dinner 

Wrap up the Mother's day celebrations with a memorable dinner 

After having spent the day outdoors, it's time for dinner. Take her to one of the popular eating joints and treat her to a lavish meal. 

And if you are in or around Dehradun, you could explore Anandam. 

An intrinsic part of the city's landscape, Anandam has been delighting its patrons for over a century now. 

Situated at the famous Rajpur Road,  the ambience of the place is just perfect for a family dinner. Friendly bearers, plush, comfortable seating and the beautiful décor are the first few things you notice about Anandam. 

Since Ananadam is known for its tea time niknak – what we suggest is, reach in the earlier part of the evening and try out the snacks menu at Anandam. 

Samosas, dhoklas, South Indian, Chinese or chaat – your mom would simply love them all.

Hot tea, coffee and lassi to wash down the delicious niknak would be the perfect end to the snacking session. 

You can take a break after that and take your mom to shop in the market close by. Pick up gifts and souvenirs for her to complete the beautiful evening experience. 

However, you must come back for dinner to Anandam. The best of Indian and Chinese vegetarian food is on the menu to make Mother's Day special.

Dal makhani – this is one of the most popular items at any restaurant, and so it is at Anandam. The rich and creamy dal makhani is a favourite with all age groups, and your mom will love it too.

Mushroom masala – one of the most nutritious vegetarian dishes, mushroom masala at Anandam is liked for its lip-smacking taste, and for being light on the stomach. 

Pudina paratha – Anandam's pudina paratha with the aroma of fresh mint leaves is simply delicious, in one word.

Ghar ki thali – if you like the variety that a thali offers, the option is available at Anandam. With yellow dal, matar paneer and pulao on the platter, this would be one meal your mom would relish.

Anandam special dosa – if she is in a mood to try out south Indian menu, Anandam special dosa is what we recommend.

Singapore noodles – from the Chinese menu, it's the spicy Singapore noodles that your mom is likely to find irresistible.

Chilli paneer dry – the spicy noodles go very well with chilly paneer dry, and it will make her meal doubly delicious.

Finally, time to end the day on a sweet note. Kheer Kadam would be just perfect for winding up the elaborate evening.

While on your way back, don't forget to pick up some khoya chocolate barfi and Kaju badam mix namkeen for her to enjoy through the week. I mean why should Mother's day last just for a day?

These Mother's Day celebration ideas will go a long way in making it one of the happiest days of the year for you. Apart from making your mom feel very special and loved! 

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